What’s In My Bag

Hello, my Reese’s Pieces!

We’ve been stuck in the house for the past couple of weeks now, so I decided to do something fun! I’ve never done one of these and it seemed like this was the perfect time to do it. I’ve seen different blogs here and there on Pinterest about “what’s in my bag” or “what’s in my work bag” so I thought I would try my hand at it. Why not, right? Fair warning, I’m not a fan of labels, but I’ve noticed in every Vlogging video I’ve seen, they are all high priced name brand bags. Not one has a budget-friendly bag or purse in it! So if you are one of those people who have to have a name brand label on the clothes you own or some high-end labels on everything you have, you are free to go, happy shopping and have a blessed day! For my single gals or moms on a budget, hello friend! Hope you find some ideas here that you like! So, here we go!

I wanted to do one that is relatable. When I searched for blogs on the subject, they were all small purses, not one had lady products or combs, brushes, or even car/house keys. Everything is carefully placed, color-coordinated with the right lighting, eye-catching background, and the appropriate hashtags. Yeah…you won’t find that here. So again, if that is what you are looking for, keep scrolling friend, nothing to see here.

I am a huge fan of bookbag purses! I mean, they are God’s gift to women, indeed. They are convenient, they hold all my crap and the weight is easily distributed and not holding down just one arm leaving both arms free for hugging and greeting people. Plus, a lot of times you can find some really stylish ones like the one I found on Amazon at about $25. Yep, you read that right, twenty-five bucks for a purse?! And it’s cute?! Someone hand me my card, this bag needs a new home!

Dora & Liz – Anti-theft Backpack Purse

AT bag 2                AT bag 1

It is Waterproof, Nylon, Lightweight and can be converted from a backpack to a shoulder bag. Plus, it is EXCELLENT for travel!  Casual Travel Shoulder Bag. I love the hidden pockets in the front for little things but the prize winner here is the big pocket in the back. The main pocket is hidden against your back, so no one can just open your bag without your knowledge and steal anything, hence Anti-theft.  As you can see from the pictures, there are plenty of pockets to fit my little odds and ends, and the straps fit comfortably on my shoulders. I was concerned that it was gonna be too bulky, but when I put everything in and wore it for the first time I was pleasantly surprised that wasn’t the case!

Clementine Planner                                planner

I picked this little planner up at TJ Maxx for less than $10. It has each calendar month, of course, but then it has space every week to write out appointments, to-do list, and reminders.it also have every month divided by tab and extra tabs for notes, goals, and contacts.

See Jane Work – Journal                    journal

I absolutely LOVE the See Jane Work line at Office Depot. They have the most perfect office supplies and accessories for women on a budget. This journal was around $10. I realize I could probably find one in Office Deport for less, but I had just gotten paid and decided to treat myself. Rest assured though, everything by See Jane Work, whether on the website or in Office Depot itself is very affordable. My entire home office is done up with it. Feel free to check it out yourself at https://seejanework.com/.

One thing I HAVE learned from obsessing over the “What’s in my bag” video’s is purse/bag organization. We tend to have all these little crumbs, receipts, unknown items and general purse trach at the bottom of our purses and I’ve always wanted to know how to fix that. The solution is POUCHES. Whether they be makeup, travel or just ones that you find at Claire’s, Target or Walmart, pouches are a GAME CHANGER for a women’s purse!! I picked up two at Target that was originally $5 apiece but got them for half off on clearance one day. I liked them so much that I got one for every woman in my family, including my 12-year-old niece and they LOVE THEM! They are by Ruby Cash and Target no longer carries them (makes sense, they ARE the best and were decently priced even at $5.) but, don’t fret, they can be found on eBay for less than $7-8. I have two in my purse and one for my work bag.

Here is what is in each bag:


Avon Travel size makeup brushes $15

  1. Blush/bronzer brush
  2. Foundation brush
  3. Lip brush
  4. Eyeshadow brush
  5. Blender
  6. Eyeliner smudger
  7. Eyebrow brush
  8. E.L.F Retractable Kabuki Brush $6

glam e 2


  1. Mabeline FIT Me! Foundation 368 Deep Golden $6
  2. Mabeline FiT Me! Concealer 60 Coco $6
  3. Mabeline Superstay Full coverage undereye Concealer 60 Deep Bronze $10
  4. Mabeline FIT me! Loose Finishing Powder 40 Dark $6
  5. Avon makeup setting spray $10
  6. LA Color Shimmering loose eyeshadow $1
  7. Magix Prime Face Primer $14
  8. Anew Eye Lift Duo eye System (I sold Avon at the time and got it for around $20 but you can sometimes catch it on special offer for between $25 and $30) it IS worth the money otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered to post
  9. Glimmersticks eyeliner Avon (not pictured)
  10. Waterproof mascara Avon (not Pictured)

glam e 3

Miscellaneous items:

  1. Lip gloss $3.00 Ulta
  2. Personal groomer $15 Target
  3. Lip Gloss – Plum Avon $8
  4. Sugar Lip Scrub $2.99 Five Below
  5. NIVEA Crème Body, Face & Hand Moisturizing Cream – 1oz $0.79

glam e 4

Everyday Purse Essentials

life is beauty

Wipes and Travel medication:

  1. Wet ones $2
  2. Shout wipes $1
  3. Summers Eve $2
  4. Travel bottles with Advil Excedrin and Advil PM $1.49 ea.


Lady Essentials:

  1. Scope $0.75
  2. Lady products $4 for 18count
  3. Clearasil Face pads $6
  4. Tiny travel jar with TriDerma for Eczema – jar $1
  5. Travel perfume – Gift
  6. Dove beauty cream $6
  7. Bath and body works hand cream $5



  1. Back scratcher $2.39 five Below
  2. Spare earrings $8.99
  3. Bobby pins $1.99
  4. Nail files
  5. Compact mirror – Gift as a bridesmaid


Other items in various pockets and empty space in my backpack

  1. Comb and brush
  2. Room spray BB&BW 2 for $11
  3. Lysol spray $0.99
  4. EOS lip balm $3.99 Five Below
  5. Secret Freshie on the go $4.99
  6. Portable charger
  7. Coin pouches one for Discount cards, one for coins, last one for emergency money for snacks at work or gas
  8. Wallet
  9. Hand sanitizer B&BW 5 for $6
  10. Medication
  11. iPod with earbuds


Bonus item: Scunci On the Go Hair Kit- Pouch and Accessories – Python


I freaking love this thing! Its got everything I need for hair essentials in a tiny, tiny little pouch! its 3inx2inx3in of everything hair



So, there you have it! Everything in my bag! It doesn’t any more relateable than that!


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