Still a Worthy Opponent, Still A Conqueror

Four years ago I got the news that I had NET cancer. Every year when facebook memories show me my statuses from March until June of 2015, I am always reminded of how far I’ve come and how blessed I am to be here because truthfully you were about to lose me. But GOD obviously wants me here for a reason and has a purpose in my life. Cancer doesn’t define me, it’s not something I claim. But it is a challenge that I am dealing with. I have learned so much about myself and the people who love me along the way. I have grown and matured into a completly different person, an upgrade from who I was before this all began. Who would have thought that there would be such a blessing in something like this?

I’ve also had the opportunity to connect with and learn from other cancer patients fighting all types of cancer. Having a support system like my family and friends is crucial. Knowing that you are not alone is something that is so important in a fight against “the C-word.” I’ve learned so much about strength, courage, resilience and the power of positivity. Without people like my best friend who is a Lupus fighter, my grandmother who fought against multiple melanoma and a high school friend who won her battle over breast cancer along with wanting to be here for my nieces, nephews and god daughters, I really don’t think I would have had the drive or encouragement to keep going. Even when you feel like you are the only one fighting, you have GOT to keep going. Onward. Towards Victory.

While it has been a long journey and I still have a ways to go, I’m still humbled and grateful that I am here. Still standing, still fighting and I won’t give up. My challenging days are becoming further and further apart and I’m feeling like myself more than I feel bad. That’s a blessing! So, while I still wear my Zebra Stripes as a NET Cancer Zebra, my real goal is that Championship title when I reach NED! #4yearsInTheGame

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