Happy Birthday Lil One

Dear Baby Cerise,

Today you turn 36, Happy Birthday! You’re a real grown up now, can you believe it?!  You won’t believe where you are in life right now, or even the events that have happened to get you here, but it’s a good place. Exactly where you need to be in fact, for now anyway. You are onto bigger and greater things, and the plans that you have right now?! If they are God’s will, it’s going to be something really special.  You just keep praying and listening to God’s voice. Believe it or not, you have learned to slow down, and be more patient. You’ve come back to your roots (kicking and screaming) but you have rediscovered some things about yourself that you seemed to have forgotten. My advice? Hold on to it this time. You’re much happier this way.

You have almost everything you’ve been praying, crying and fighting for: a job that doesn’t wear you out, working towards the career that you have always dreamed of having, getting the degree that you never thought you were smart enough to earn(you’ve got a B+ GPA btw, so to hell with that doubt you’ve always had in yourself)  a car that you’ve been wanting for the past 5 yrs, and you’re on your own again in a really, really cute apartment that you have all to yourself. It wasn’t easy, in fact for a while there, it seemed almost impossible, but you won’t give up. You’re stronger and smarter than you give yourself credit for.

Lastly, little one, I’m so proud of you. There are still some things that need to be accomplished, goals that need to be reached and health stuff you need to defeat, but you’ll get there…I’ll get there. Just you wait. You’re gonna grow up to be quite the grown woman! Love you💜



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