I Win My Way

12745677_1095615673823156_2113855766757860381_nI Win My Way – Cam Newton

I don’t understand football, I never have, but this season, I have been recovering from a major surgery I had over the summer and was stuck at home watching sports with my dad on the couch. We have always been Die Hard Carolina Panthers fans ever since the beginning, but this year because of their amazing season of 17-2, black and blue has been everywhere imaginable in the Carolina’s. The team spirit has been overwhelming, the games have been exciting, hashtags of #KeepPounding and #PantherNation have been all over social media, kids running around with football dreams in their head, thousands of fans gathering for pep rallies, welcoming the Panthers home from games and supporting the team for the TWO times that they lost. ….It has been quite an amazing thing to see and experience as a true Carolinian.

But even with all the praise for the Panthers and their undeniable, incredible season, the criticism for their star quarterback, and MVP Cam Newton has been the one negative thing that has stood out above all in the media. A man’s character has been questioned and rug through the mud because of the truly remarkable skills he has on the field. Skills that many other players don’t have and are the makings of a potential legend. Because he dances to celebrate every touchdown he makes, he’s too cocky. He’s arrogant, he’s a thug, he’s not a team player, he’s not football material, he’ll never make it in football etc. All of these negative comments and more being made about a man who is doing nothing but playing the game that he loves with great passion and dedication. He doesn’t deserve the heat that he is getting. No one really deserve the pressure and negative comments that he has been getting no matter who you are, especially if everything you have been doing is contrary to the person that the media it making you out to be.

What people call “cocky” is called confidence which is the same quality that we all find charming in our favorite rap stars, movie stars and (GASP) other athletes. LeBron “King” James, Michael “His Airness” Jordan, Kobe “Black Mumba” Bryant, shame on Cam “Superman” Newton for having a nickname. You can only be a basketball star for you to be able to get away with that without haters thinking you’re an ass.  Never mind the fact that even after being in the first round draft and signing a multi-million dollar contract with the Panthers, he went back to Auburn University and got his Degree in Sociology. Even though he likely won’t need that degree for quite some time while playing football, he promised his mother that he was going to complete school, and he did. While the rest of the players were in their off season, hanging out, spending money, traveling and living it up, Cam was in someone’s classroom fulfilling a promise to his mother.

Every game Cam Newton gives his all, every game, he and the rest of the Panthers come to win and every single time Cam reached that end zone for that touchdown, you can see herds of kids running down to be the lucky one that he gives the winning ball to. I never understood why he get so much ridicule for that. Although one of the coaches, Mike Shula originally have him the idea, Cam basically gives the ball to a kid….to make them happy. Not to get attention, but to put a smile on a kid’s face. Speaking of kids, let’s talk about the Cam Newton Foundation hosting the 7 on 7 All Star High School Football Tournament Series. How about the fact that every year at Christmas “Santa Cam” goes out of his way to visit kids in schools. Last years he started at Metro School, which serves mentally and physically handicap children.

I think that the negative comments, labels and news about Cam in the media is completely unfair, especially since those labels don’t even fit the personality or the person that he has shown himself to be in the NFL. Calling this young man a “Thug” is not fair. What thug do you know to work as hard as he does? What thug have you come across to give back to the kids? What thug have you seen take an accusation, turn it around and has never had any trouble since? The answer, is none. With all of the media coming down on him, Cam Newton continues to prove everyone who speaks negative about him wrong. Coach Rivera and his teammates have his back as well, which lets you know, this guy is the real deal.


After the loss at the Super Bowl, Payton Manning went on record to say that Cam was extremely humble as he congratulated him on the win. Even after Cam walking out on the press after hearing comments from Chris Harris, I still feel like Cam has earned the title of MVP for this football season. You can’t deny that he and the Panthers have done an absolute wonderful job this season. So much so that they have me, a person who is much more of a basketball fan, buying jerseys, rocking the blue and black, and on Sunday’s watching every game the Panthers play. It’s crazy how the media feels like they have the right to be able to print any and everything about people to get readers and ratings like the individuals that they write about aren’t actual people with feelings and families.

The words that were meant to bring him down have only motivated him to be better and to do better. Words that were meant to hurt him made him stronger, how cool is that? You have to have great confidence and resilience to be able to take that negativity and turn it around for your good. I really admire Cameron Newton’s drive, work ethic and personality. I am inspired by how he unapologetically stays true to himself. He seems humble and fit to be the football player that kids look up to. So, from a Carolina Panthers fan, I say to the Panther’s, who have this basketball fan watching football every Sunday, Keep Pounding. Thank you for an unbelievable season. I look forward to seeing you at the Super Bowl next season. And to Cam Newton? Sir, keep being great, keep being resilient, keep up that personality and drive, keep giving them something to hate on and most importantly…Keep Dabbin’ (Dab)

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