Words Hurt

Words Hurt

The Words Hurt campaign brings awareness of Bullying through the things that are being said, which is something that I think all of us can relate to.  Gay, Straight, Bi, Transgender, Black, White, Old, Young, it makes no difference who you are, where you come from or what you stand for. Words Hurt EVERYONE. You can be bullied physically, on Cyberspace, or even rumors can be spread about you, but the words that are actually said to you are what hurts you the most. Bruises fade, notes will be torn up, social media status will be lost in the news feeds, but words that are actually being said to or about you stay with you and hurt worse than anything.

You just never know what people are going through, what is going on in their mind, what statement or phrase will send them over the edge. You don’t know their life story, their struggles, their weakness, and their demons. Your words to them that day could very well be the ones that send them into a violent rage, or worse to cause them to do something harmful to themselves or other people.

That’s what this campaign is all about. Sending out the message that what you say DOES affect someone. They may not show it on their face but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t hurt. Though the bruised and wounds cannot be seen on the outside, there are marks on that person’s mind and heart that will stick with them for years to come. I was told constantly in school by other that I was too ugly, too stupid, too skinny, too black, and too weird to be enough for anything.  And I believed them, for a long time; Years in fact. It took a lot of growing up, a lot of self-encouragement, and a lot of help from my friends and family to see that those things that people were saying to me weren’t rue, in fact they were lies to keep me down, in order to make them feel better about themselves. It was a life lesson I will never forget, my goal is to preach that same message to kids and even adults out there who have been or maybe are still going through the same thing.

Our motto is #AllLoveNoHate, hash tagged to start a trend on social media to that everyone worldwide can join in the campaign to stop using hurtful words to put people down and start using word of love to encourage and uplift.

If you or anyone you know would like to share your story, blog, photos etc. send an email Words_HurtBlog@aol.com. It will be posted on the Words Hurt site, if you would like to be anonymous, that just fine. Please help get the word out there! http://www.WordsHurtBlog.tumblr.com

One thought on “Words Hurt

  1. Raynetta Jackson says:

    So proud of you! You are using whatGod has given you to turn what was meant for evil in your life and turned it into good to help others who are presently dealing with vicious, insensitive attacks against them as well as others who have dealt with this in the past.
    You ARE beautiful, brilliant, cherished, loved!
    Psa. 18: 29


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