Why Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Book is actually one of her best idea’s yet….


I’m sure that as soon as a few of you read the words “Kim Kardashian”, your thought bubble immediately popped up with the phrase “UGH! I’m so sick of her!” And I will admit, she’s is EVERYWHERE. But I love me some Kimmy K. Hold on, let me explain:

As someone who loves to look at fashion magazines, photoshoots and photography, you have to admit, her shoots are pretty awesome. Her everyday style is great, and her sister Kendall has taken the modeling world by storm. Everyone knows about her not so squeaky clean beginnings, but she’s turned a negative into a positive, changed her image and, along with her sisters, has built an empire of fashion, clothing lines (with some pretty classy, sexy clothes), shoes, accessories, makeup, stores, TV shows and more. She can be classy, and sexy without looking trashy, and I think we can all agree that she’s a pretty savvy business woman. Basically, she’s the celebrity that you love to hate. Now, her obsession with taking pictures of herself can be a bit excessive. When she did over 1,000 selfie pics to put in a book as a Valentine’s Day present to her not-so-loved husband Kanye? Yeah, I actually barfed a little bit in my mouth myself. After putting it together, she got the idea to put out a book of those selfies, with a few more pictures (I’m assuming from photoshoots) and selling them in bookstores. At first I thought, REALLY Kim?! You’re already EVERYWHERE. But then I thought about it, and the more I did the more it became a great, even borderline genius idea. Who hasn’t taken a few selfies on Facebook or Instagram?

Think about it, between the ages of about 25 to maybe early 40’s, is probably the best you are going to look in your life before things start getting old, wrinkled and grey. If you had the opportunity to have pictures to capture yourself at your prime, wouldn’t you take it? I know so many people who have done at least one photoshoot in their life “just because”. I think that is an awesome idea. There is nothing wrong with wanting something to look back on to say “I looked pretty damn good when I was younger.” While Kim may have the ability to pay to have stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist, an assistant with her at all times to do these photoshoots and selfie’s whenever and how often that she wants, I think that every woman should have at least one photo that she can look at and be proud of. After getting your hair and nails done, finding the perfect outfit that hugs your curves just right and makes you feel good, and your makeup making you feel like a million bucks, the first thing you say to someone is “Here, take a picture of me!” What’s wrong with having a whole book of those moments? A whole book full of pictures documenting days when you looked and felt the best that you have ever felt about yourself. Concrete evidence of confidence and good self-esteem, you basically get a chance to see the person that you never knew that you had inside you that some of your closest friends see every single day. Not a bad idea after all, huh?  I actually have a similar project in mind that I would like to do. No, I don’t plan on taking my idea and trying to get a book deal to sell in Books-a-million, Barns and Nobles and Kindles across the US. I’m thinking something more for myself. It’s one of the main reasons that I love to do photoshoots.  It is on my bucket list to do 100 different looks and concepts, putting them in a coffee table book and calling it, “100 Reesie’s Pieces”….GENIUS, I know. And why not?! Who says that you can’t or shouldn’t?

Note: I plan on doing a whole post about photoshoots and why I do them a little bit later on, but let’s get back to the point at hand.

I, like everyone else, have had those days when you look in the mirror and just do NOT like what you see. Maybe your makeup didn’t come out the way you want it to, your hair is being particularly rebellious and a ponytail is the only compromise you can come up with. Or your bloated and can’t find anything in your closet that makes you look decent. Sometimes hearing compliments just isn’t doing it for you and even though even God says “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” which solidifies that you are beautiful in your own unique way, none of that matters because right now you feel like the red-headed step child that was lost and forgotten and no one is coming to look for you anytime soon.  I believe TLC called it “feeling so UnPretty”, which a pretty poetic way of calling it the OTHER U-word. Those are the days that you need a little self-encouragement! Those are the days when I can pull out my photo album, look at these photos and think “Wait, I look pretty good sometimes. I can be pretty fly…I looked really kinda awesome that day….Man, I nailed it that time!” Afterward, when you look back in the mirror it kind of changes your perspective on what you see looking back at you. You come to find that you actually are a pretty awesome looking person. And let’s face it, who doesn’t have that one picture that makes you think to yourself “Damn, I look pretty good right there!”

Kim’s got the right idea. If I had the bank roll that she does, you would probably be equally sick of me as well and think “If I see this Reesie chick, one more time, I’m GOING to scream.” But, I think the message that Kim is sending out, is that you should be your OWN fan, because if you can’t love yourself, who will? When you look at her, you SEE confidence, you see pride and yeah maybe a little cockiness which is something that everyone should have, not just women. I say, you take a few of those pictures that you have posted on Facebook or Instagram, put them together and take a look at the amazing that person you are. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself afterward. Maybe you will be inspired to make your own Selfie Book! 😉

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