Logic vs. Emotion


It’s always hard when your mind is ready to let go of something your heart refuses to. What does your heart know that your mind doesn’t see? And why does it seem that common sense and emotion can never seem to agree. Maybe it is because common sense and emotions work in two different ways. We often go off of emotions and think about the consequences later, and sometimes we think about something way too much instead of going with our emotions. For instance, when we look back, how many times we have been head over heels for someone that you absolutely know is poison for you, yet you loved them completely. Or when you want to love someone SO badly, but you know that he will probably never feel that same about you and yet he is still the only one that you want. The logical thing would be to leave him alone, but that emotion called love, infatuation or maybe even lust refuses to let go.

The Battle of the Heart and Mind is timeless. It’s not often that the two agree on the same conclusion or emotion. Think about it, when you ask a person why they did something, their answer will either be logical or emotional. For example: “It just felt right” or “I went with my gut.” Then there’s “I thought about it and…” and “Well, the logical explanation be.” But then you have someone like me, who thinks from both her emotions (though rarely seen) and her mind. When asked for advice, my answer is quite often “What does your heart tell you to do?” or “What’s your gut instinct” but those who know me best know that I will overanalyze a situation to death, but end up giving into the emotion called fear of rejection, unless it’s something that I’m passionate about, in which case, the motivator is almost always emotional. See…it’s always a battle. I guess my question is, how do you know which one to give into? Which one is best for which situation? When should logic take over emotion, or how do you know that your emotions are the way to go instead of thinking about it? Is it when the situation is bad for you? Or when the outcome ends in your favor. Nothing seems to be the right answer. There’s no right or wrong, no yes or no.

Most of my epic battles have been a matter of heart over mind or vice versa. “Logically, I should do this, but it’ll make me feel this way.” The funny thing is, when I don’t listen to my heart, I mostly seem to end up disappointed, and the logical answer was to go with my heart. Usually because I try not to think of the way I feel so much that I overlook the fact that‘s the exact way I need to go. But that’s speaking personally. Who’s to say that works for everyone? Usually, if the decision or outcome has made you happy, it was the right way to go. In everything you do, make sure it makes you happy, even if it was just your intention. Sometimes, a lot of times I do or say things that I think will make me happy, however they don’t end up the way I think it should have. In these cases the Happiness comes from not having any regrets. Not having to look back and say “What if”. What if I would have said something, why didn’t I tell him how I feel, I should’ve just told them about….” No shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. You can continue on with closure, not regretting the outcome. The moral of the story is no matter what you decide, which way you end up going, whether emotional or logical, be sure that you have kept true to yourself. That almost always works out.

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