Attention Paid – Goal achieved. Racial joke?! Puh-leease!


I wasn’t going to say anything. I, like everyone else by now, was just going to wait until this whole “Kim Kardashian poses nude for Paper Magazine” thing blows over. I was waiting for everyone to go on about their lives and stop having a stupid ass opinion about the fact a GROWN woman, with the consent of her husband, made the decision to do a nude shoot with a famous, well respected, legendary and iconic Parisian photographer. I was even going to look over the fact that part of the reason that the world has lost their mind with all these negative comments is because she, as a mother, should be respectable, and “shouldn’t be doing nude photos.” I’m sorry, I must have missed the cardinal rule that once you become a mother, you are no longer supposed to feel sexual, do sexy things, or do the things that make you feel like a woman, or your old self anymore. Must be the reason that the sex becomes non-exsistant once married couples have children. That explains everything.

But now, there’s an article floating around that Kim Kardashian is the butt of a racial joke because of the picture she did with the champagne sitting on her butt. SERIOUSLY people?! That’s a stretch. My god, can we please go one day without everything turning into a racial issue? Just for the record, the photographer that did the photoshoot with Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman is the same photographer that did the shoot with Kim. Second, I guess no one has noticed that Kim has very often recreated iconic photos. She’s done Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn…the list goes on. Now, I’m sure part of the reason this photo is so controversial is because she has a gigantic ass….I’m sorry. I have no argument there. (Media 1 – Reesie 0). But saying she’s the butt (no pun intended) of a racial joke is a bit of a stretch.  The article written is from the opinion of one person, not the NAACP. So what if Beyoncé, the same famous singer who made Drunk in Love, basically a whole song about sex with and going down on her husband, decided she wanted to recreate a nude photoshoot, similar to one that Marilyn Monroe did? Would there be any racial controversy there? I doubt it. That would probablybe considered as art.

Now I understand that in the US is still very sensitive over the loss of Trayvon Martin and Mike Jones. I am too. They should not have died under any circumstances, whether the officers “felt threatened” or not. Senseless acts led to the death of two young men with promising futures and I pray for their families still every time I think about them. And yes, racism still exist. I’m not turning a blind eye to this revelation, and I’m praying for that to turn around, like every other sensible person. But seriously people, pick your battles. EVERY thing is not a racial issue. I’m so sick of everything turning into a Black vs White vs Asian vs Hispanic issue. A lot of times, it doesn’t have to be that serious. I know that history has given us a reason to be this sensitive, and I’m not discounting that at all. Black people have come a long way from the “Blacks only” signs and the “I have a Dream Speech.” However, everything is not a jab at where we have come from.

It’s no secret that I’m a Km Kardashian fan.  I love her “Not to be messed with” style and her photoshoots are ALWAYS on point. I’m sure that when they stepped in the studio, Kim and Jean Paul Goude did not plan on making this such a hot button issue. They were probably just looking to do a fun shoot. Famous people recreate things all the time, I don’t see this being any different. She was in Paris where nudity and racism isn’t a big deal. Only in America can this be such an issue and dissected in every negative way possible. It’s just what we do. And she’s probably with Kanye and North somewhere in love, watching everyone make comments about whether or not she should have done it, whether or not this a racial thing, building their empire in their interracial relationship, loving each other, not caring about the world. As it should be.

With that being said, and my vent session officially over, I’m going to jump off my soap box. Ya’ll have a good one!

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